Dinner menu featuring local ingredients from the Mackay region

Browse our menu you before you come and dine at The Church on Palmer. We have vegetarian options and can customise our meals to accommodate any dietary restrictions. Speak to one of our wait staff about our gluten-free and vegetarian alternatives. Contact us today to book a reservation.


  • Cobs $13.50

    Served with your choice of garlic, herb or plain butter

  • Sour Dough and Dukkah Seasoning $13.50

    Rustic cob served with the Middle Eastern seasoning dukkah and olive oil

  • Natural Oysters (GF) (9 Oysters) $42.50

    Plump pacific oysters, served with Champagne, verjuice and shallot vinaigrette

  • Oysters Kilpatrick $44.50

    Topped with bacon and Worcestershire sauce

  • Russian Oysters (GF) $44.50

    Pacific oysters, topped with sour cream and salmon caviar, a dash of vodka, served on ice

  • Cream of Pumpkin Soup (GF without pastry) $14.50

    Topped with puff pastry

  • Deep Fried Pistachio Nut Camembert $18.50

    Placed on a port wine and cranberry sauce, served with sour dough Melba toast

  • Slow Cooked Pork Belly and Seared Scallops (GF) $19.50

    Placed on a bed of red current and port wine glaze, accompanied by seared scallops, with a lemon and dill hollandaise and baked apple

  • Garlic Prawns (GF) $18.90

    Sautéed in garlic, paprika, cream and a dash of white wine, placed on a bed of seasoned rice

  • Spanish Prawns (GF) $18.90

    Large local tiger prawns, sauteed in garlic, chilli, herbs and tomato, served on a pilaf of rice

  • Crispy Pork with Asian Salad $16.90

    Strips of pork belly, seasoned with spice rub, adorning an Asian salad and drizzled with a chilli, ginger, sweet soy and aniseed dressing, finished with crushed cashews

  • Crab, Prawn and Crème Fraiche Stack (GF) $18.50

    A tower of diced sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, dill and crème fraiche, topped with fresh crab meat, king prawn, drizzled with a tomato, sumac and cracked pepper infused hollandaise

  • Bush Pepper Infused Kangaroo with Beetroot Relish (GF) $18.50

    Fillet of kangaroo coated in a bush pepper and lemon myrtle, served with a quince paste, orange and port wine reduction, Served med/rare


  • Eye Fillet of Beef with Café De Paris Butter (GF) $41.90

    Cooked to your liking, served with a melted garlic, herb, anchovy, mustard and lemon infused butter, placed on a bed of creamy potato mash, green beans and finished with a red wine jus

  • Eye Fillet of Beef Topped with Garlic Prawns (GF) $43.90

    Cooked to your liking, served on a bed of mash potato and fresh vegetables, topped with prawns in a creamy garlic sauce

  • Duck Confit with a Grand Marnier and Orange Sauce (GF) $38.90

    Served with orange segments, and lime zest, with in season vegetables and a sweet potato puree

  • Chicken Breast with Camembert and Avocado (GF) $36.90

    Plump chicken breast, oven roasted, sauced with a honey, seeded mustard and cream sauce

  • Crispy Skin Barramundi with Almond Flakes and Asparagus Spears (GF) $37.90

    Barramundi, pan fried, placed on a bed of mash potato and vegetables, drizzled with a lemon, parsley beurre Blanc sauce

  • Lamb Shank (GF) $36.90

    Braised with a plum and port wine glaze, on a bed of root vegetables and mash potato

  • Moreton Bay Bugs (GF) $48.90

    Sautéed in Galliano, cream sauce, served on a bed of creamy parsley and cheese rice, and vegetables

  • Macadamia Nut Encrusted Lamb Rump (GF) $38.90

    Placed on a bed of mash potato and vegetables, sauced with a port and red current jus

  • Pork Belly with Butterscotch Sauce and Toffee Poached Pears (GF) $36.90

    Served with a sweet potato and herb risotto, and fresh vegetables

Side salads extra, $6.50

Vegetarian options available

A 1.5% surcharge applies to ALL CREDIT CARDS.
EFTPOS, a fee of $0.50 per transaction.


  • Rhubarb and Apple Crème Brulee (GF) $15.50

    Stewed rhubarb and apple compote, topped with vanilla brulee and served with ice cream

  • Banana, Caramel Pastry Cream Meringue Pie $15.50

    Pastry basket filled with slices of banana, pastry cream and caramel, topped with flamed meringue, served with double cream and ice cream

  • Flourless Chocolate Mud Flan (GF) $15.50

    Served with raspberry coulis, double cream and ice-cream.

  • Three Layer Mocha Panna Cotta (GF) $14.50

    Chocolate, coffee and vanilla served with chocolate anglaise and coffee syrup

  • Vacherin Glace (GF) $16.50

    A meringue shell filled with strawberry sorbet and vanilla ice-cream, topped with cream and spun toffee

  • Toblerone Cheesecake $15.50

    Homemade baked cheesecake drizzled with amaretto and coffee anglaise, served with vanilla ice cream

  • Cheese Platter $20.50

    Assorted cheeses served with water crackers, nuts and fruit

Some History on The Church

The building used to be the old St Ambrose Church, (Anglican) which was originally located on the corner of Grendon and Palmer streets, it was sold in 1975 when the newer St Ambrose was built in Glen park street, then this building was moved two blocks too this spot, it has been restaurants ever since, the first restaurant was Amigos, then Flamingos, Chelsea’s, Rascals, Verandahs, Sundays to name a few.
The Church on Palmer Restaurant was opened on 1st July 2001, by Michel Bonnet, Di and Steve Grech, Michel moved on after 8 months from opening, Di and Steve are still looking after you along with their staff, hoping you enjoy your time at The Church on Palmer

Tea And Coffee ($6.00)

  • Cappuccino

    One third espresso, two thirds hot milk, tapped with froth, dusted with chocolate powder

  • Flat White

    Half espresso topped with hot milk

  • Café Latte

    Three quarters hot milk, one quarter espresso topped with a delicate layer of foamed milk

  • Espresso (Short Black)

    Presented with a rich golden "crema"

  • Long Black

    A espresso, three quarters full

  • Espresso "Macchiato"

    An espresso with a dash of hot foamed milk

  • Hot Chocolate

    Rich and creamy

Teas $6.00 (pot)

English Breakfast
Irish Breakfast
Earl Grey

Liqueur Coffees ($16.00)

Gaelic – Drambuie
Irish – Jameson Whiskey
English – Gin
Calypso – Kahlua and Dark Rum
Jamaican – Tia Maria and Rum
Aussie – Rum
Monks – Benedictine
Mexican – Kahlua
Seville – Cointreau
Russian – Vodka
French – Grand Marnier
Parisienne – Cognac
Italian – Sambuca
Friars – Frangelico
American – Bourbon

Affogato $16.00

An espresso served with ice cream and a shot of Frangelico.


Penfolds Club $8.50
Penfolds Grandfather $13.50
Hanwood Tawny $8.50
Morris Tokay $9.50
Galway Pipe $9.50
Morris Muscat $9.50


  • Beers—Light $7.50

    Hahn Premium Light
    James Boags Light
    Cascade Light
    Great Northern Zero


  • Oettinger Pils $9.50
  • James Squire Pale Ale $9.50
  • James Boags $8.50
  • Pure Blonde $8.50
  • Coopers Pale Ale $8.50
  • Summer $8.50
  • Great Northern $8.50
  • Great Northern Crisp $8.50
  • Hahn Super Dry 3.5 $8.50
  • Corona $9.50
  • Peroni $9.50
  • Heineken $9.50
  • Asahi $9.50
  • Guinness Draught (can) $10.50
  • Hahn Ultra Crisp (GF) $9.50
  • Ciders $9.00
  • Vodka Cruiser $10.50
  • Liqueurs $10.00

    Grand Marnier
    Sambuca- (clear)
    Dom Benedictine
    Tia Maria


  • Courvoisier V.S $10.50
  • Remy Martin V.S.O.P $11.50
  • Spirits-Basic $9.00

    Bundaberg Rum
    Jim Beam Bourbon
    Johnny Walker Red Scotch
    Gordans Gin
    Smirnoff Vodka
    Aegeau Ouzo


  • Captain Morgan Rum $9.50
  • Bundaberg Red Rum $9.50
  • Jack Daniels $9.50
  • Makers Mark $9.00
  • Wild Turkey $9.50
  • Wild Turkey Rare Breed $11.50
  • Southern Comfort $9.50
  • Canadian Club $9.50
  • Johnny Walker Black $9.50
  • Chivas Regal $9.50
  • Glenfiddich $10.50
  • Jamieson Irish Whiskey $9.50
  • Bombay Sapphire Gin $9.50
  • Grey Goose Vodka $10.50
  • Chambord $9.00
  • Aperitifs $7.50

    Chinzano- Dry, Bianco, Rosso


  • Soft Drinks $3.50
  • Can Soft Drinks $5.00
  • Juice, LLB, Can $4.50
  • Pellegrino Sparkling Water $9.50
  • Bundaberg Ginger Beer $5.50